I'm 21 now

I cleaned the house, I packed my things and I'm ready to go.

How many times it has happened to me in these two years?
I worked, I traveled, I felt, I saw, I wrote, I loved someone,
I,  just turned 21 years old.

Still, I am a broken compass.
and I believe one day it can be fixed, even I don't know when exactly and who can fix it.

goodbye means a new start, age number means my growth, but where am I meant to be?

HK, Austria, or where?

was a great birthday this year!


Life processes

be ready for chances, not waiting.



Seoul Videos

This year April, I traveled to South Korea - Seoul alone. It was amazing! I used my new camera (Canon G7x II) and filmed a lot. I just finished editing all the clips by this midnight and missing this lovely city so much right now.. First time doing voice over on my videos, it was quite annoying to hear my voice while editing but it was fun and I hope there will be an improvement in the future! I found a really useful website to create my thumbnails (thanks Adobe Spark! it's for free!)

( I'm still quite energetic, the latte works well... but I better sleep now! Goodnight ~ )

Joyce turned 21

Cherry and Joyce are the only two secondary school friends I have. Tbh, I didn't have a memorable "CLS life". I don't need many friends, but the right one! Joyce spent her 21st bday with me tonight and I invited her to one of my favourite Chinese restaurants at TST. Nice food, nice dress, nice life updates. That's what we need for a simple night :) Happy birthday JoyceB!

If I want sth, I will have it (blessed, hehe)


He was convulsed by sobs, tears splashing down on the floor, making no attempt to hide them or wipe them away.

"I'm bad. I'm bad," he thought.

- The Social Animal (Attachment) 


My beloved one

Dear Monica,

Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a great day in Melbourne and I really miss you..
You are my best listener, best advisor and best sister on earth! It's been three years since you left HongKong, I am happy for your life now and thanks for everything you gave me! I am the luckiest person having a selfless sister. Happy 24!


Photos were taken Dec, 2016


hard feeling

Jac : He doesn't even need to move on..
I know her words are straight and sharp which could be true too.

Every sip of the Cinnamon Martinis I had yesterday,
it was like a mixture of memories, tears, laughter and heart beats.

Love is fun. Love is pervasive. Love is hard.

as long as you could share something with me.. I'm yours.