Almost an end / new chapter of my life

pretty excited!

checking my emails from Martina all over again and start imagining so much about my Uni life in FHWN! Everything is on the right track, I'm so thankful for all these happening! 

It almost comes to an end to my relaxing life, need to say goodbyes to some important people (family, Jacquie, Crist) soon..

it will be "fine".

I've learned how to say goodbye when I was an exchange student,
but I'm still learning how to welcome all the difficulties I'm gonna face,
it's fun and I love to solve all those obstacles! 

The most beautiful moment is when I see someone 100% believes in themselves!

I am the someone.

teaching, and always learning!
bye! lovely students!


Be supportive


I repeat saying this to myself, feeling better now.


I love this song

Someone in the crowd could take you where you wanna go,
If you're the someone ready to be found~


Late, but heart remains.

Here is an email from my student, D.
18/04/2017 8:58PM

 *** Hi Melody

I must miss this email. Too many mails these days. Thanks for forwarding it to me again. 

Your photos are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with me. Australia is always home to me. I do miss it. In fact, I will go back there visit my parents in July. 

I am glad you enjoyed!

Sorry about today.

Please enjoy your time back here in HK. See you on Thursday. ***


Thank you for speaking amusing Cantonese to me, giving me chocolates, offering me an internship opportunity at Pictet. It's the first time I feel so lucky to meet someone like you..

You are my student and you might be my boss in the future.. life is fun, isn't it?

And I still don't know why all these are happening LOL

My fav black coffee, I will be back!


why annoyed by people you don't know?

or they don't know you at all.

I edited a video of my kayaking in Saikung yesterday and I posted to a hiking group on Facebook, because I wanted it to be viewed and I like sharing nice places with others. But not all the people will have same thoughts as you. Some viewers commented in negative ways, like this

"Yes glad that you guys had fun please leave the aquatic animals alone. They aren't toys should respect nature and keep the environment as natural as possible."

I understand, they actually got their point and I agreed to it too.

In the video, I filmed the starfish with our hands and the small mind people (or they just too judging people) think we were playing it as a toy and didn't respect to lives. It's not true at all as we took it and put it back to the water gently. We are not cutting/ throwing/ playing with it. We love nature and animals, and we want to know more about them, we were just observing.

For those small mind people : then have you ever been to any Zoos or do you like to eat meat? etc..
It's an endless topic about ethic.

My reaction to these people and comments - first I was a bit upset to read these comments, then I understand them. Lastly, just ignore and not give any replies because it would turn out to be too many arguments and like spreading the negative message on social media, that's not I want.

I learned something from these people and at the same time, I have achieved what I wanted :
views of the video and likes of my page are rising!

but I did feel sorry for this sea urchin...


bye for now "maybe"

Do you still like me?

- "maybe"

This time I can't refrain from tears.
I know it will never go back where we were and life goes on.

" Sometimes, who we wish we were, what we wish we could do,
it's just not meant to be. " - Moana movie




JAN - China Guilin
FEB - Austria Vienna
MAR - China Xiamen & Indonesia Bali
APR - South Korea Seoul
MAY - Taiwan
JUNE - China Yunnan

I know Melody is crazy, but this is me.